Posted by: Kim | October 16, 2017

Scarf Time

A shout out to our fierce Fashionistas! As you know each season we bring you the “it” trend item of the season to keep you fashion forward. The tube scarf aka: loop-single loop-snoob-chub. 
. whatever you want to call it, it’s basically a single short once over tube shape like scarf; extremely simple to wear no tying or twisting involved, great for the scarf challenged. This style has been upcoming in the market, however this particular style has a twist and is our favorite pick for the season, it’s a tube scarf with an angle, it looks a bit like a mini poncho, great for multiple seasons. Check out all the ways to rock this style.!                           

Until next time❤️XOXO Kim

Posted by: Kim | July 3, 2017

Scarf Time

Hi Fashionistas! Fashions between seasons can be tricky and more than likely you’ve found yourself asking “what should I wear? chilly mornings warm afternoons?” Answer: Scarf. A scarf is the perfect accessory, especially for these times of transitioning into another season.  Of course we use them for purpose such as warmth but it’s the ideal way to stay trendy all year. Scarves come in many sizes, shapes, colors, materials and prints so your options are endless. Remember wear what you love!❤ Stop by Serendipity Accessories to find the perfect scarf for your lifestyle and the how to. In the meantime here is a quick video of a basic scarf lesson with our most favorite trendy scarf everyone should know:

Posted by: Kim | March 30, 2017

Sunny side of life👒

Spring has sprung and with that commences long hot sunny days🌞👒😎so if you are a sun worshiper like myself we literally got you covered. Our sun hats are not only protective from harmful effects of the sun they are of course so stylish and versatile that one hat can go from the pool to outdoor cafe relaxing or wherever the day may take you. This collection has a UPF 50+ sunscreen protection (certain density and tightness in stitching and threading) and is smash and pack. 

Note:with hat shopping be prepared to try different styles… it’s kind of like finding the perfect swimsuit or jeans… we all have different shapes and sizes so the dome and brim shape looks different on everyone according to your individual face and head shape. Do not dismiss the first hat you try on, keep trying, that 8th hat might be just right and when it’s right it’s perfect and you’ll know it. Most importantly you must love it and own it, we call it “HATIDUDE”!   Don’t forget our exclusive limited edition Kentucky Derby Collection!🏇

  Till next time.  Get your hatatude on!

Posted by: Kim | February 20, 2017

Wrap it up!

Every once in awhile a repeat from yesteryear comes along and just as fate has it lifestyle is right in sync. This casual movement in athleisure is finally getting it’s style on; as chockers continue to be the go-to rage in accessories that works well with just  about anything,   

top it off with a wrap. The wrap is casual, sexy, and versatile. Stop in Serendipity Accessories in Pleasant Hills and we’ll show you how to wrap it!  

Posted by: Kim | January 5, 2017

3 Tips for Acing Accessories

As the new year is here it’s a great time to renew yourself! As our fierce fashionista followers know Serendipity Accessories has had a  year of renewal approaching nearly one year in our new location and 14 years accessorizing… we continue to strive to offer you the best trendy styles to always keep you looking fashion forward. We recently have been acknowledged with  Pageant Associates of the Miss Universe Organization, a WME  | IMG company as proud sponsors and style consultants for over a decade for Pennsylvania-West Virginia-Vermont-Indiana-Connecticut. In a feature editorial we are passing along 3 great tips for acing accessories no matter where your are going or what your are doing these 3 simple tips will always keep ready for just about anything anywhere! To get your own new look, whether you are just joining the work force, leaving it or just want to update your style inquire within. In the meantime stop by Serendipity Accessories to stock up on these must haves for every fashionista! img_1341

Posted by: Kim | October 8, 2016

All chocked up

We are all chocked up over chockers!  Yes chockers are back and better than ever with a modern twist;  singles, doubles, ‘Y’ shapes, rustic metals mixed with suede, natural stones and casual crystals.  Wear it alone or layer on down with a long necklace and end it with a longer pendant necklace. It’s easy to get lazy in leggings so,don’t forget to style yourself; you want people to notice the difference whether you are working out or going out.

                                                                                                                                        As the athleasure movement continues to grow a chocker is the perfect accent to any casual look no matter what the neckline. Throw on boots, a long cozy sweater and a chocker, Viola! You’ve got style…

  •                                                                                                                                    Stop by Serendipity Accessories 10 Old Clairton  Road  Pleasant Hills PA. Bill Green’s Shopping Center to get your fashi-ON!😘
Posted by: Kim | September 9, 2016

Sweater Weather

It’s sweater weather! As we say farewell to the Summer grab a cozy sweater  and layer right over that so comfy sundress, add your favorite boots 👢👢and any accessory in any shade/texture of gold you love to embrace this rustic trend for Fall. 2016


Cozy sweaters trending now at Serendipity Accessories! Stop by our new location at 10 Old Clairton Road, suite 3, Pittsburgh PA 15236. Located 8 miles from downtown Pittsburgh south of the Liberty tunnels in Bill Green’s Shopping Center next door to Atrias. M-Sat. 10am-8pm closed on Sunday. Follow us on Instagram at serendipityaccessories, stop by to be accessorized!👜

Posted by: Kim | June 24, 2016

Ear Jackets

Ear jackets make a fun, versatile, and fashion-forward addition to any earring collection. These on-trend earrings, which are crafted from 925 sterling silver, give the striking illusion that the jacket is hovering below the ear.


And they can be worn many different ways, giving the option for multiple looks! Wear the stud and jacket sets together as sold, or switch it up by sliding the jacket onto a different stud of your choice. If you wake up wanting a simpler look, the studs also look fabulous all on their own

The possibilities are endless with these earrings.  Stop in and see us at Serendipity Accessories, we’d love to show you the collection! When in doubt Glamour on😎
Look for are next blog on Ear Climbers Have a GREAT 4th of JULY🇺🇸🎉

Posted by: Kim | May 27, 2016

The Perfect Scarf

Looking for a great accessory that will add a pop of color to your summer wardrobe? How about a fashionable yet functional piece that will travel with you to all of your summer destinations? Stop into Serendipity Accessories, now located in Bill Green Shopping Center in Pleasant Hills, for one of our hand-loomed and hand-dyed silk scarves! Made from all natural Mulberry silk using centuries old techniques, these scarves are both beautiful and breathable.

Check out the pop-over loop style pictured above. No twisting or tying needed, they’re great for travel and perfect for grab-and-go accesorizing. (Did we mention they’re WASHABLE?)

Pair it with your favorite on-trend earring, like one of our double-sided ear jackets (which will be featured in our next blog post- STAY TUNED!), and you’ll be fully accessorized in minutes!😊☀️

Embellishments add touch of whimsy to gloves

Fashion FYI: Holiday                                                Fashion FYI: Holiday  By JoAnne Klimovich Harrop Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014, 8:55 p.m. With winter’s chill settling in, gloves are a must. Why not add a bit of sparkle to your cold-weather look? “We have so many gloves with unexpected details, especially leather gloves with studs, mini-sequins or zippers, some that are decorations while others are functional,” says Gregg Andrews, Nordstrom fashion director. “Some have a vintage look to them and are a wonderful accessory.” Gloves are necessary for warmth, but having a pair with some jewels or other embellishments adds a bit of fun, Andrews says. “Women love embellishment because it’s instant love the minute you see the shine,” says Kimberly Coppola, who owns Downtown’s accessories store Serendipity with her husband, Peter. “There is just an attraction to it. And it feels good when you look at something that’s sparkly. “Sparkles add liveliness and energy to your outfit” she says. “Life is short, so why not sparkle? I love sparkles with everything from jeans and a casual look to a holiday dress for that special night out. They are instant festiveness.” Women often have many pairs of gloves to wear with different coats, but as Andrews says, a woman can “always use another pair.” “Gloves with embellishments can add interest to a coat,” Andrews says. “They can complete the outerwear look. If they have some type of detail, people will notice them. People notice hands more because we spend so much time on our smartphones.” Some gloves have special textures on the fingertips so they don’t have to be removed when texting, checking email or answering a call. Many of the sparkly gloves at Serendipity have the touch fingers that let you operate a touchscreen without having to remove them. “We are constantly on our phones, so gloves that allow us to wear them while we check our mail or text are great — and if they have some bling, that’s an extra bonus,” Kimberly Coppola says. Gloves can protect your hands from harsh weather and look fashionable at the same time. Regina Gardiner, senior accessories editor at People StyleWatch, agrees. “People can get stuck in a fashion rut in the middle of winter,” she says. “When it’s freezing, it becomes more about keeping warm than being stylish. Embellishments on gloves can add a little flair to the monotony of cold-weather dressing.” Andrews suggests breaking away from black gloves and choosing color. It’s an opportunity to show off your individuality without being too overpowering. Gardiner advises trying a fun hue, such as red, to give a splash of color to winter neutrals. “We need gloves for function, but they also can be an easy way to update your winter outerwear,” says Adam Moon, women’s fashion director at J.C. Penney. “You have to have gloves every season if you live in a cold climate,” he says. “Having some that sparkle and shine gives a woman a fun accessory that is also functional. They can bring a smile to her face on a cold, winter day.” It’s also a way to give the sparkle trend a try. Gloves can be found with all-out bling or with just a touch of sparkle. These gloves make great gifts and might not necessarily be something you would buy for yourself, Moon says. Something as intricate as a stitched treatment is on trend in these styles of gloves. Even a hint of sequins adds pizzazz to a gray day. “The cold weather is settling in, and we need to stay warm,” Coppola says. “There are so many choices in fun gloves. They are the perfect ensemble to a solid-color coat.” JoAnne Klimovich Harrop is a staff writer for Trib Total Media. She can be reached at or 412-320-7889.

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