Posted by: Kim | April 6, 2007

Love it!


Welcome to Serendipity’s first Fashion Blog. Look for our monthly blog on the first of each month with amazing fashion tips, what’s hot – what’s not, up-coming trends, and the raw deal. We scour the fashion industries of NY, LA and anywhere in between to bring you the best accessories ever! While fashion is fast paced with swiftly growing designers, and forever changing looks from season to season, it can be difficult to figure out what to wear and how to wear it – no need to panic! We encourage you to find your own sense of style that best suits who you are and what you do. Remember one rule – there are no rules!!!
Spring / Summer 2007 continue to offer today’s women more options than ever. The runways offered accessories from romantic to retro to high tech future. Spring takes on two major directions; a new version of bling appears as soft metallics shimmer for the season with silver being the shining star, sun washed shades with nature inspired designs offer the alternative. Make heads turn with statement pieces – be careful when choosing such a large piece, keep the clothing tailored and get the most amazing piece and pair it with one other item, remember less is more. The “IT” bags of the season are super-sized or teeny-weeny. Your mission this year is to find the most expressive handbag. make it fit to your lifestyle and purchase the one you absolutely adore carry it every where with you.

HOT! HOT! HOT! Huge Sunglasses, Headbands, Belt Bags.
NOT! NOT! NOT! Fanny Packs – do yourself a favor and burn it.
THE RAW DEAL! White hosiery is a fashion no-no; it makes your legs
look short and chunky; if you must wear those for uniforms have on really cute shoes.

Try a fresh new look for Spring and the easiest way to do that is with accessories. Be who you are wear what you love. You can do it!

Unleash your fashion goddess at Serendipity “Accessories to express yourself”

I look forward to our next chat,



  1. Kim,

    Great new addition to the site! I can’t wait to read what is going on next…


  2. I LOVE this! Please, keep it going! And an archive of the old one’s will be nice when you have more. This is a great idea and I’m going to be checking back often for updates!


  3. What a fabulous update on Spring fashion trends! I love especially the HOT HOT -NOT NOT info!!! Question – what is the trend for hosiery – nude? patterned?
    I will be in to see you soon!!!!


  4. I would love to see some photos of specific items in your blog, if that is technically possible. For example, when you mention large bags, you could show several of the cute bags you are currently carrying. I would also like to see a plain shirt or dress accessorized in different ways, maybe with a sash, or a neck scarf and then with jewelry. It’s always great to get ideas from someone who’s a cute dresser (that would be you!) Thanks.

  5. Hey Kim,

    Thanks for the advice…LOVE this column. I will def. be back to make sure that I am in style!!!!!

    Luv, Cheri

  6. Love it! I miss you guys, I’m sure I’ll see you all soon 🙂

    Michele ❤

  7. Thanks Amber, I’m glad you liked the journal. I would be glad to help you out with any specific Q & A. Kim

  8. Hey Anne, the trend right now for hosiery is pattern of any kind, ex. sringers in any shape (diamond, stripe, pick your favorite);not so much nude – boring. Moving towards fall look for the eternal opaque leg with the pump being the shoe of the season. See you soon. Kim

  9. Thanks Cheri, I have the perfect Backlace for you! Love, Kim

  10. Hey Michele, Hope you had a great time at the “Rock”! See you in summer. XO, Kim

  11. Thanks! Live e-mail and photos are in the works, keep an eye out. Kim

  12. HAHAHA! Right back at ya, babe!

  13. I will try to make the Ecochic event. Also, I have a designer friend whose products will be a great addition to your fabulous store.

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