Posted by: Kim | May 3, 2007

Salute to the Ladies


May is the perfect time of the year to salute all the women who have inspired our fashion individuality. Think about your mother’s wedding ring and the million times you put it on; your grandmother’s beads, bangles, and bobbles that you just could not have enough of on; or your great grandmother’s beaded scarf that you twirled in as she told the story of how she danced the night away… For generations fashion accessories have given the beautiful, smart, and sophisticated woman the power to express exactly who she is and what she does. Fashion always reflects lifestyle, so find your fashion that best suits YOU and YOUR lifestyle.

Accessories have joined the ranks of products like premium denim and footwear. They have become a signature item and have clearly found a new place in the consumer’s heart. The big news to keep in mind? Color! Color! Color! Moving forward, accessories ignite the chic and understated palette of blacks, greys, and whites. There is nothing more striking than a streamlined look of black accented with red accessories.

Patent leather is Sizzlin’ Hot, right now!! It has been a while since patent leather has hit the scene; try a wide patent belt worn directly under the breast line. Don’t panic – most women want to camouflage the core area, but envision this: a great suit with a tailored jacket, button the jacket, add the belt; try a sleeveless sheath dress with the belt; or great jeans with a fitted longer top and the belt. (Keep in mind that the belt must be fitted to stay put)… This look will ultimately give you an hour glass shape – top with patent peep toe shoes and don’t forget the necklace & earrings. All I can say is Ooh-la-la.

HOT! HOT! HOT! Of course, Patent Leather; The Rose motif dominates the spring
bouquet as an item; Girlie Pearls (mix it with silver.)

NOT! NOT! NOT! Super low rise (backside) jeans where the sun normally never
shines- Let’s keep that for the plumbing industry.

THE RAW DEAL! Remember that less is more; a good rule of thumb is seven
accessories on at once that is just about enough;
70% of women look in the mirror 12 inches and up so find a full
length mirror look in it, you will probably change at least one
item. Very eye opening.

To the person in your life who has been a fashion icon to you– Salute!

Be who you are and wear what you love. I know you can do it!
Fashion is a state of mind. Blow your mind and make a date with Serendipity “Accessories to express yourself.”

I look forward to our next chat,
XOXO Kimberly


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