Posted by: Kim | June 1, 2007



Fine jewelry is no longer an everyday item, but a handbag is now the visible status symbol. Well my favorite fashionists you are getting the ‘in’ on what is to be the most coveted accessory on the rise and I have all the dirt to dish. It has nothing to do with need – it’s all about want, and the euphoria of owning an ‘It’ style bag.

Consumers simply have a never-ending quest to make a statement with their handbags, and those who own an ‘It’ bag feel like celebrities (which in most cases are celebrity driven). Although ‘real’ women usually cannot wear the same wardrobe as their favorite size zero starlet, they can carry a handbag just like her. Now you don’t have to break the bank and purchase a celebrity level bag to feel like an ‘It’ gal, because guess what? Barely one percent of the population of customers are carrying Hermes and Louis Vuitton (kudos to those of you who are, you earned it), but for the other 99. % that don’t there are fabulous-looking handbags affordable to almost everyone. The key things to remember when looking for the perfect handbag are: first and foremost you must adore it, second make sure it suits your lifestyle and the precious property you put in it, and last try it on see how it looks and feels, it should be as unique as you are. As like you, when it comes to handbags there’s no limit.

Handbags are now more of a differentiator for women who want to show they’re in on the latest trends and they have a different bag for anything life may throw them. With so many new and up-coming designers whom incorporate exceptional levels of quality and affordable luxury, your options are wide open to have that euphoria of owning the ‘It’ style bag or bags that when you saw it, it was love at first site. Always purchase your bag by passion, not by label.

HOT! HOT! HOT! Daring bold color (remember with a simple palate of dress),
multicolored glass from Murano, Italy, Sky high heels or
grounded flats.

NOT! NOT! NOT! Perfectly matching sets of any kind; mix & match your pieces
Make sure the colors and patterns blend (opposite colors on a
color wheel go together, a good reference).

THE RAW DEAL! Too much of the same thing is exactly that – too much. Example:
One or two pieces of an animal print is enough, there is more
allure with subtle exotics.

Handbags are not even an accessory anymore – they ARE the outfit! May the quest begin.

I look forward to our next chat,
XOXO Kimberly


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