Posted by: Kim | October 5, 2007


The challenge is on! Do you get ready in the morning and feel like you are trapped in somebody else’s body? Or, the dress code that you must abide by makes your closet look like the Batman closet? (lined up in order all looking similar), maybe a different color, and probably hung in sets the way in which it was purchased. You are trapped in a fashion box! It’s like jail for your image. I know I have been there and I am here to help you get your bling on!

Now that Fall / Winter 07 is upon us it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your look and your closet. There are distinctive looks going on for this season and they are nothing conventional and neither are you. From prints to the confluence of classicism and orientalism in the beginning of the century to the clean geometric look of the 60’s, and let’s show the men how women rule the world in a suit!

So, the question is how to get a whole new look without breaking the bank? All it takes is one step out of the box, and the first step is usually the most difficult for some. At Serendipity we encourage women to find their own unique flair. Let’s face it we all want to have style no matter what the concrete jungle or the shell filled shoreline has in store for us.

As history has taught us lifestyle always predicts fashion, so think about your lifestyle and those needs. It all sounds so overwhelming to even begin to sort your closet, so here is a crash course to get you rolling. Get rid of any items that are not your size & items that you do not feel good in (you know the pants I’m talking about)…separate all sets that are hanging together, it’s much easier to mix and match that way plus you’ll instantly expand your wardrobe and hopefully inspire you to try a new look …invest in some key basics like the little black dress, black pants, white top, and a great pair of jeans (the more solid & streamlined the better)…and the key to any rare look is, of course, your accessories! A few new accessories are all you need each season to keep you looking mod. A little bling goes with anything!

A touch of animal print gives instant exotic, and patent leather is so sassy on a power suit. Keep an eye for luxe ornate fabrics, bold rich colors (lipstick red, stark white, jet black, fuchsia), metallics, and extravagant details. Bold jewelry rings in Holiday 07 with faceted crystal beads, pearl & layered chain combos, picture frame pendants, cocktail & stackable rings, burnished metals, elaborate brooches, and shiny silver & hoop earrings.

HOT! HOT! HOT! Sneak Peak – LipTox Sheer by Serendipity, advanced high shine lip plumping gloss infused with real diamond dust…stop in and try it out, you’ll love it!

NOT! NOT! NOT! Although, stark white is shown as a trend color, do yourself a favor and do not wear white shoes (unless you’re a bride) it’s just plain tacky.

THE RAW DEAL! I’m not quite sure who ever made the rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but yes you can – it’s just as good as black. As climate change
increases we experience more warm days so yes hang those toes out as long as you can tolerate the cold.
Go! Sort! Organize! Get your bling on!

Until next chat,


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