Posted by: Kim | November 1, 2007



The holiday festivities are rapidly approaching, and you need to be prepared to get all decked out and ready for any Holiday happenings! So how do you show off your sexy this season? Choose sexy tailored solids, a wild animal print, or a gorgeous lace overlay and bows. Then, of course, the final touches that make your emotions stir is your accessories! The true value in any accessory you choose to wear is for the pure emotion it stirs in you.

We have chosen our favorite Top 10 Accessory Must Haves for Holiday 07 that will give you star status wherever you go. From catwalk to sidewalk, from runway to Holiday to everyday we’ve got you covered…

*clear crystal or faceted cut glass dangle earrings
*bold cocktail ring
*sweater wrap (better known as accessories outer wears)
*animal print (choose your prey)
*patent leather (belt, shoes, handbag)
*Lip Tox Sheer (advanced high shine lip plumping lip gloss infused with real diamond dust).
*an unfurgetable fur (faux or real, whatever your passion is)
*pearls & bows
*Hollywood Fashion Tape (Hollywood’s clear double stick “do everything” apparel & body tape)

All of these items can be worn with a little-black-dress, a suit or jeans, and are fabulous & timeless additions to your wardrobe. Now that you are ready to shimmer, shine & sparkle, remember to live, give, laugh, & love.

HOT! HOT! HOT! Opaque tights, ornate decorative touches, jeweled bobby pins & clips.

NOT! NOT! NOT! When sporting tailored silhouettes and those super mini lengths be sure to cover what need not be exposed with the opaque tight. Your hose should always match your shoe to give the look of the eternal leg.

THE RAW DEAL! it is perfectly acceptable to mix gold & silver (according to feng shui it will balance your chi – your chi is the balance between your mind, body, & soul), or mixing fine jewelry with fashion (just be sure it all blends well – look in a full length mirror it always tells the tale & you’ll probably change at least one item).

Are you ready for the biggest shopping day of the entire year! You know it – you wait for it – Black Friday! You only need a few things to survive the day… a lot of turkey the night before, comfortable shoes, aspirin, calculator, pen & pad for tracking the wish list, and dinner & cocktails at your favorite restaurant. SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP!

Until next chat, Kim XOXO



  1. Good ideas for the season. May stop in today! Peggy at Kaplan!

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