Posted by: Kim | April 11, 2008


Well ladies Spring 08’ is here, the calendar says so but does your look say so? I say to you, get to know your old self and have a Spring Fling with yourself. Remember her? The 13-ish gal, the one who wouldn’t dare walk out the door without being put together – the time when fashion was exciting… this season is full of excitement with bold pieces, blinding color, and beauty refined.

Take a long good hard look at yourself in a full length mirror, like what you see? If not YOU are the only one who can make the change. A new look is refreshing- electric- alive, it’s like feng-shui for your body. Think of it this way, when decorating your living space you wouldn’t just place a couch & loveseat without anything else –booooooring! So don’t jump into that suit without anything else; or any clothing article with nothing, you too will then be boring.

Start with refining yourself, cut-color-wax-shine-buff-smooth-soften-mix-blend-polish-layer-fluff & bling, yes, you and your accessories. Do you put the same accessories on every day – studs maybe? Inspire yourself, try something different; instead of the same old stud, try a jade drop earring. Suddenly, you bring color to your face and green promotes new growth, plus think of all those compliments you’ll receive on those unique earrings. You’ll look great and feel great. I am a firm believer in that those who look good, feel good ultimately produce good results. No matter what your profession is, whether you are a full time mom, an attorney, or yoga instructor, pull it together and accessorize accordingly. I urge you to try one new piece that is totally different than your everyday, the results will be amazing and so will you!

Color, patterns, and nature inspired motifs are ever so prevalent this season. When faced with the multiple choices of sunny bright colors and patterns, don’t fret. It can be overwhelming to decide what goes with what, however, Mother Nature does it for you. As Mother Nature begins to bloom embrace the colors together. Notice green is everywhere and compliments all colors of flowers in bloom (keep that in mind when wearing green). Caribbean blue skies soar and enhance all colors (turquoise accessories are striking with just about anything, especially monochromatic tones). Remember less is more; one striking piece is all it can take to make you striking. Have fun this season; let nature be your palette.

Here is a Spring HOT HIT list of accessories to help you find your new you:

*large glass & plastic colored beads
*long layers of links in any shape or size
*floral, fruit & insect inspired motifs can pop up just about anywhere (a butterfly ring or
a strawberry pendant)
*raw materials such as straw, bamboo, shell & wood (a long layered natural shell
necklace looks fab on a bright floral print)
*giant earrings – worn along with stacks of bangles
*metallic in all textures and tones (choose your favorite accessory in any shine or
*large plastic framed sunglasses

Life is always better in color. Stop in and let Serendipity color your world.
Until next chat, XOXO Kim


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