Posted by: Kim | April 30, 2008


As you know, Serendipity Accessories to Express Yourself is a proud sponsor of the Miss USA and Miss USA Teen Pageants for the states of PA & WV. Recently I had the privilege of judging for preliminaries for the state winners of WV. The two other judges along with me were former Miss USA Chelsea Cooley 2005 and Dr. A.T. Dunn, two very inspiring people who partner together and head a company, Stand Out Productions. They offer a retreat for young women to help build confidence, leadership skills, communication skills, and much more… not only for pageants but for life. Check out their website at

For women of all ages no matter what your profession is I feel it is pertinent to dress for success. Those who look good, feel good, ultimately produce great results. Confidence goes a long way, remember its 75% confidence & 25% accessories. So, after hanging out with beauty queens, motivational speakers, and leaders within the pageant industry for the entire weekend, I am inspired to pass on some beauty tips to help you prep for the ever competitive daily grind:

• When in doubt about what to wear, always choose the LBD (little-black-dress), every woman should have one that is a classic style with a tailored fit. You can dress it up or down, so when you’re darting from the office to soccer kick off the heels and suit jacket, put on the flip-flops, toss the hair up and throw on the hoops – cute, comfortable, and off you go.
• Running late and no time to put on a full face of make-up or just don’t like to, put on a colored necklace or earrings, it will bring color to your face…a little lip gloss will finish it.
• A sparkle earring or necklace will give a little sparkle to the eyes – same holds true for shiny metals, so bling it on!
• Adding any accessory in wood, shell, or bamboo to an all season article will instantly make it feel spring or summer like.
• Always take off the very last accessory you put on – less is more & more is just too much (no more than 7).
• Stand tall ladies, scapular down & back, hold your head high, and be true to your beliefs, values, & morals. Wear what you love & don’t worry about other’s thoughts, your confidence will come shining through.
• If life is beating you up a little, splurge on a new pair of earrings in your favorite style and color. What a lift you will get and it won’t break the bank!
• Look in full length mirror! 70% of women look in a mirror only 12 inches & up; which means you only check yourself from the neck up, take a full length look, you’ll see what others will see. Change what you don’t like.
• Add a pop of color via accessory to any jungle print. My personal favorite is leopard with lime green.

So as the temperature rises, raise yourself to a new level of hotness!

Until next chat,
XOXO Kimberly

Many thanks to Randy Sanders & Associates for a great weekend.




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