Posted by: Kim | April 14, 2009

Kims First Fashion Video Blog



  1. Good afternoon Kim & Pete

    What a great idea to reach your customers. It was a pleasure meeting both of you today. I hope we have the chance to work together! I loved your shop and the range of products you have, i will bring my wife sometime.


  2. Kim the blog is great!! xoxo- Anna

  3. Love the new video blog. Brings all of your unique merchandise to life! Great idea.

  4. What a nice idea! This is so great, and I LOVE the new merchandise. See you soon!

    Always – Michele

  5. Love your video blog it is great give us more!!!!

  6. GREAT IDEA Kim and Pete! I love the video and I want more! Kim you gave the perfect spring tips…can’t wait for the next one!
    Love Shannon


    You guys are sooo web savvy!

    Every retailer can learn from you guys.

    I love the Accessories magazine photo shoot! I don’t even remember you shooting video!


  8. Hi Kim and Pete,

    Your new video blog is FANTASTIC!
    Loved the New York scenes and seeing
    the store and all of the great fashion
    items and, of course, your terrific style
    tips. Absolutely the best and most fashion
    forward shop in Pittsburgh!


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