Posted by: Kim | December 10, 2009

Holiday Drama!

Calling all Drama Queens….Holiday 2009 is here and it’s all about drama so get ready to give yourself the royal treatment!  I know that there is a little drama & a little queen within us all; let’s face it we could all go for something exotic in our lives with an added touch of sparkle once in awhile and especially during the Holidays.

This 2009 Holiday season is the perfect time to shimmer, shine, sparkle, gleam, glimmer, glam, and adorn in the most dramatic way in unexpected places.  Your accessories will be the most pertinent to your wardrobe for looking trendy this season. You would be surprised how uplifting it is to wear crystals with rich lux fabrics, not to mention all the compliments you’ll receive all day (yes you can wear crystals/pearls with anything anytime – it’s up to you how far you want to glam up – from jeans to little black dress).

Crystals can be used for healing or environmental enhancement as well as personal adornment.  Their subtle vibrations affect the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels of being.  They bring out particular qualities, and open the gateway to spiritual understanding.A crystal broach just might be your BFF this season; you can cluster them together for a dramatic touch on: a purse, hat, denim pockets/sleeves/collars, belts, hair, just about anywhere.  Don’t forget to toss a pair of crystal or sparkly earrings and a tiny pewter clutch (they match everything) in your work/day bag in case you happen to hit a Holiday celebration or quick get together at days end; you’ll be ready and looking festive in a snap – switch the earrings to crystal and ditch the big bag for the evening bag.  Jeweled accents worn in the hair is stunning. A bold bib style necklace will certainly make you feel like a star anywhere you go. A rich silk & velvet ruffled scarf with sparkles will get you feeling like royalty instantly; speaking of scarves Serendipity has a circle scarf with fringe that is Caliente this season!  There are so many ways to wear it and it is all season, stop in for a complimentary scarf lesson…this list can go on so wherever this season takes you, we’ll get you there in style. Let’s get your wish list going:

The best thing about a wish is no one can ever stop you from wishing.

Fashion Tip: not able to afford as much on the Wish List this year, try gifting someone an accessory of yours that maybe she/he may have admired before;  write a note saying why you want her/him to have it, how much your relationships means, and to always think of you when wearing it.  I still believe in the hand written message it’s quite thoughtful.

P.S. be sure to clean and make any necessary repairs before wrapping.  The response may be bigger than you think – it’s not about the dollar value of the gift, it’s about the giving of the gift.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Stop by Serendipity where all your wishes come true.  XOXO Kim



  1. Love this months blog! Also love the drama for this years holiday season! :)- Anna

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