Posted by: Kim | January 13, 2011


Hey Fashionistas welcome to 2011!

This time of the year can bring upon us what I call “P.H.S.D. POST HOLIDAY STRESS DISORDER”. Symptoms may include: extreme fatigue, tired feet, a hollow sound from the wallet, sore fingers ( from texting so many Holiday cheers & pressing add to shopping cart), a constant craving for cookie, a sense of emptiness after all the decorations are down….

well snap out of it sister! With every ending there is a new beginning – as one door closes another one opens – any way you put it, this is the time to look at life in a fresh optimistic perspective. This is the best time of the year to get it together to reorganize, redo, renew and that all begins with you.

Serendipity is here to give you the remedy to cure P.H.S.D. Schedule a day off to get some R&R (rest & relaxation), throw your feet up and give yourself a Mani & pedi (you’ll save a lot of $ DIY-do it yourself), snack on veggies instead if cookies to shed those extra Holiday pounds, try brown bagging it for lunch & brew your own cup of java to go (it adds up-you’ll have more $ for accessories instead of calories). Get all those returns & exchanges out of the way; shop smart, this is the best time to hit the retail industry for great deals to take advantage of post Holiday sales and purchase superior quality winter gear & all season basics at guilt free prices. Winter manufacturing is over – get the deals while you can.

Still feeling the winter blues?!? Well Spring 2011 is just around the corner and swiftly approaching our shelves. This season’s exciting colors, sexy silhouettes, fun, bold drama will get you walking to the beat of a different drum – your own! As always lifestyle dictates fashion, so as we continue towards global unity & going green, the fashion industry is playing its part this season by using natural materials such as wood, straw, shell…etc. with an emphasis on sea life motifs. A few must-haves to keep you looking trendy are: oversized exotic handbag, oversized big brim hat & long dramatic earrings (shoulder length) – oversized definitely not overlooked! Treat yourself early to something new bright & fresh for the Spring season (perhaps a playful, bold, colorful floral scarf); a sure cure for the blues, you can wear it now + you’ll be spot on for when the weather does break. A scarf isn’t just a necessity, it’s a fashion necessity – it’s a quick change, instant high fashion! Stop in for a quick 1-2-3 scarf lesson. Accessories are the most simple and affordable way to expand & update your wardrobe.

FASHION TIP: Saving for a rainy day –who isn’t? Updating the wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank. Re-do don’t re-buy; get together with your BFF and swap about a dozen accessories. You’ll both have a fresh new look to the wardrobe at the cost of nothing but a fun night together!





  1. Rajrang
    OH MY! So happy I found you!!!!!!! SO HAPPY INDEED!

  2. nice hand bag and nice accessories. i like this blog..the design of the handbag is very nice.

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