Posted by: Kim | October 8, 2016

All chocked up

We are all chocked up over chockers!  Yes chockers are back and better than ever with a modern twist;  singles, doubles, ‘Y’ shapes, rustic metals mixed with suede, natural stones and casual crystals.  Wear it alone or layer on down with a long necklace and end it with a longer pendant necklace. It’s easy to get lazy in leggings so,don’t forget to style yourself; you want people to notice the difference whether you are working out or going out.

                                                                                                                                        As the athleasure movement continues to grow a chocker is the perfect accent to any casual look no matter what the neckline. Throw on boots, a long cozy sweater and a chocker, Viola! You’ve got style…

  •                                                                                                                                    Stop by Serendipity Accessories 10 Old Clairton  Road  Pleasant Hills PA. Bill Green’s Shopping Center to get your fashi-ON!😘

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