Posted by: Kim | March 30, 2017

Sunny side of life👒

Spring has sprung and with that commences long hot sunny days🌞👒😎so if you are a sun worshiper like myself we literally got you covered. Our sun hats are not only protective from harmful effects of the sun they are of course so stylish and versatile that one hat can go from the pool to outdoor cafe relaxing or wherever the day may take you. This collection has a UPF 50+ sunscreen protection (certain density and tightness in stitching and threading) and is smash and pack. 

Note:with hat shopping be prepared to try different styles… it’s kind of like finding the perfect swimsuit or jeans… we all have different shapes and sizes so the dome and brim shape looks different on everyone according to your individual face and head shape. Do not dismiss the first hat you try on, keep trying, that 8th hat might be just right and when it’s right it’s perfect and you’ll know it. Most importantly you must love it and own it, we call it “HATIDUDE”!   Don’t forget our exclusive limited edition Kentucky Derby Collection!🏇

  Till next time.  Get your hatatude on!



  1. Beautiful hats, of course! Waiting to go to the Kentucky Derby of course with that black and white type hat I loved you sold in PPG Place!

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